Precision and High Volume Capacity

ACME Screw Machines
Davenport Screw Machines

Our industry-respected Acme and Davenport multi-spindle screw machines, combined with our deep experience in providing screw machining services, guarantee both precision and high volume capacity. We ensure reliability through a rigorous preventative maintenance plan as well as an internal certification process and training program for operators.

Machine Overview

Acme Screw Machines
9/16” to 3-1/2” capacity
35+ machines

Davenport Screw Machines
¾” capacity
15+ machines

Sample Parts

Industrial Machinery Plated steel ACME, secondary bored Hex stock – thread Rolled
Heavy Truck Part Steel plated with zinc ACME Complete
Home & Garden Nozzle Brass Davenport, secondary operation add angled nozzle hole