Imperial Metal Products manufactures custom machined parts for diverse industries worldwide.


We machine millions of precision parts annually for customers around the globe because we are focused on growth – for your company as well as for ours.

At Imperial Metal Products, we take great pride developing cost-effective, time-saving strategies for our customers.


Over 25 years serving the aerospace industry.

With over 25 years of experience with the aerospace industry, we manufacture parts for a variety of aerospace applications including engines, fasteners, and steering controls.  We have the ability to deliver low volume specialized production to high volume fastener production in the same facility.

We strive to be your preferred partner, that single supplier you choose again and again because we don’t just manufacture parts; we manufacture solutions for our customers.


Over 1,000,000 Parts Annually

Imperial Metal Products manufactures over one million appliance parts annually and supplies parts for many recently “on-shored” appliances.  We have significant experience producing high volume precision parts, manufacturing prototypes, and delivering new manufacturing processes.


Serving the automotive industry for over 60 years.

Imperial Metal Products delivers to OEM, Tier 1, and Tier 2 manufacturers. Our IATF16949 certification demonstrates that we are committed to continuous quality improvement, to preventing defects, and to reducing waste and variation in machining parts for you.

No matter what volume of parts you require, you can depend on Imperial Metal Products to manufacture parts that meet the strictest industry standards.


We are an ITAR certified company with over 45 years of experience supplying the defense industry.

Imperial has produced a wide variety of parts – tank to projectile – for the defense industry for over 45 years. We have experience managing complex supply chains and we are open to looking at bringing new processes in house as necessary. Our team has experience with government quality requirements (DCMA, Army audits, packaging, etc.) and is willing and able to take on unique quality requirements.

We stand ready to manufacture solutions that will drive growth for your business. Contact us for all of your custom machined precision parts.

Fuel Injection

Over 50 unique diesel injection components manufactured.

A key manufacturer for several fuel component companies, Imperial Metal Products manufactures over 50 unique diesel injection components. We have the ability to manufacture low volume as well as high volume parts, to reverse engineer parts, and to support the design process for new parts. We have developed a supply chain for grinding, heat treating, DLC coatings, and other needed processes to save you time and frustration in getting your precision parts manufactured.

Because we are conveniently located in the heart of the component manufacturing industry, our network of nearby partners is especially effective in shortening the supply chain, increasing efficiency, and lowering costs for you, our customer.

Heavy Truck

100 unique heavy truck parts and counting.

Imperial Metal Products Company currently manufactures over 100 unique heavy truck parts. We are also a key metal component supplier for a leading global manufacturer of suspensions, fifth wheels and landing gear.  We are a leading supplier of these parts because our management team has an average of over 20 years of experience in the heavy truck parts industry and our engineers have significant experience supporting reverse engineering parts as well as the design process for new parts.

Additional Markets

Imperial Metal Products serves a diverse marketplace.

Industrial Pump

We serve the leading pump manufacturers, producing over 50 unique pump parts and providing warehousing for slow moving parts.

Consumer Products

Lawn and Garden
We produce a number of nozzles for lawn and garden as well as other recreational uses.

We manufacture gears, mounts, engine and other key components for both internal and visible assemblies.

Recreational Vehicles
We provide recreational vehicle industry leaders with brake line fittings, trailer hitches and other parts for motorcycles, RVs, and other recreational vehicles.

We produce fasteners and spindles for the furniture industry that has long been a fixture of the Grand Rapids economy.

We strive to be your preferred partner, that single supplier you choose again and again because we don’t just manufacture parts; we manufacture solutions for our customers.