Imperial Metal Products manufactures custom machined parts for diverse industries worldwide.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids since 1914, we have grown into an 110,000 square foot facility, becoming one of Michigan’s largest producers of CNC, gun drilled and automatic turned products.

We have the responsiveness of a small company but the power of a large enterprise, so we accommodate production runs that may range from 60,000 parts per week to ten parts per year.

  • Customer Focus: We will do anything it takes to exceed expectations.
  • Broad Capabilities: Able to manufacture any quantity from low volume prototypes to high volume custom machining solutions. We are able to utilize multiple different types of machines to provide the best and most efficient solution available.
  • Engineering Expertise: We are able to provide design for manufacturing as well as VA/VE solutions.
  • Experience: Our team has years of experience and the ability to tackle any component.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan for over 100 years.

Imperial Metal Products circa 1914

Imperial Metal was founded in 1914 by the VerWys family, whose facility at 810 Ionia Avenue in Grand Rapids, Michigan, produced lathes and other machines for the furniture industry. In the 1940’s, Imperial’s machines were used to provide equipment parts for World War II.  Imperial was purchased by the Armada Group in 1997. Due to the need for additional space for the burgeoning company, in 2000 Imperial Metal Products moved to its current 110, 000 sq ft building at 835 Hall Street in Grand Rapids

In 2004, the Armada Group acquired Holland Metal Craft, which significantly expanded Imperial’s ability to serve the automotive and heavy truck industries. Similarly, their acquisition of Best CNC Manufacturing, Inc., in 2006 expanded the CNC capabilities of the organization.

Today—and continuously as we move forward—we reinvest significantly in the company through new machinery additions, by building a talented workforce, and by exploring new manufacturing technologies and markets.

We stand ready to manufacture solutions that will drive growth for your business. Contact us right away for all of your custom machined precision parts.