CNC Mill/Lathe Programmer Set-Up Operator


As a CNC Mill/Lathe Programmer Set-Up Operator you will be safely programming, setting up and operating CNC Mill/Lathe equipment.  You will be required to produce an efficient, robust program and set-up, equal or below estimated time, that manufactures parts within statistical capability to meet specifications and production rate on 2 or more machines.  You will be inspecting parts, using a variety of measuring techniques, to support the conformance requirements.     

Note: Job opportunity is second shift.




Essential Duties:


  • Setup new jobs on a variety of CNC machines (Citizen, Ganesh, Tsugami, etc.)
  • Support the development of new CNC programs.
  • Run production parts off multiple machines (2+) at once.
  • Check parts utilizing mics, comparators, gages and other key quality equipment.
  • Troubleshoot issues related to product quality.
  • Provide feedback on part/job performance and how to improve output and quality and document changes.
  • Loads stock into feeding mechanism, replaces worn tools, may operate surface grinder to sharpen tools, recommends tooling, changes method to improve cycle time and documents those changes, supports creating cycle times during quoting process, and may use statistical process control techniques.
  • Occasional: Participate in companywide VA/VE activities for key customers.


Required Skills:


  • Experience with Swiss machines.
  • Expertise in materials, tools, feeds, speeds, cams and gears
  • Understanding of a manufacturing environment.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to clearly communicate in English.
  • Ability to write in English.